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Chasing the light, 

in pursuit of inspiration.


Chasing the light, 

in pursuit of inspiration.

Harnessing a mood, 

flicker of imagination, 

reflection, quietude,


Narrative and Nature. 

From undergraduate thesis,

to my first studio in 2019,

I can feel it in my core...

I need solitude.

I need space.

I need air.

I need the empty fields round me;

and my legs pounding along roads;

and sleep; and animal existence.

                           -Virginia Woolf


installation  /  sculpture  /  photography  /  furniture+lighting  /  forever evolving


Woodstock Artist Association
and Museum
, By a Thread | 2024

Outdoor Installation, Solo Exhibit. 
Disco Chalet, Inness | 2024

AR Studio In the Raw

Upstate Art Weekend | 2023

AR Studio Beguiled by Light

Upstate Art Weekend | 2022

Outdoor Installation, Solo Exhibit.

Upstate Vintage Antique Show,

Stone Ridge | 2021


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